PlaySteel MAX and FIT Components

Tons of play events and components choose from to meet the needs and abilities of children ages 2-5 and 5-12 years.

A steering wheel with a challenging marble game inside. Balance all three balls and win.

Includes two pod seats and a table. A comfortable place for rest or play.

Bring some bean bags or small balls to turn this panel into a fun and challenging game.

A roto-molded rock climber that provides a challenging arched climb to the deck.

A two-tier counter accommodates more children. For use freestanding or under a deck.

Heavy duty flexible rubber with a small side to side sway makes this Boogie Board an exciting but challenging component to stand up on. Or kids can just chill out on it and use it like a hammock.

A comfortable resting place for multiple children. For use under a triangle deck

Perforated steel roof with durable powder-coat paint finish. For a square deck

Children learn the Braille alphabet, then use their skills to decode a message. Double-sided with a secret message on reverse

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