Tire Swing

Model No. SW101 The  tire swing is a classic favorite among kids and older family members. Great multi-axis and multi-user swing 7′ (2134mm) height with a 3.5″ (89mm) O.D. x 8 gauge (4mm) galvanized steel topbar. Complete with tire swivel bearing and tire swing assembly. 30in (762mm) diameter tire with a 16in (406mm) opening and […]

Model No. TA014 Includes Tire Swing  and chain, as shown. Tire swivel bearing available separately. 30in (762mm) diameter tire with a 16in (406mm) opening and is 10in (254mm) deep. Polypropylene construction Built in eye bolts. This is a great tire swing as no bugs or water can get in it and there is no rubber […]

Model No. SB010 For use with tire swing assembly. Uses a hemispherical Nylatron bearing known for its superior mechanical properties and wear-resistance Replace when Tire Swing Bearing is worn. Tire swing assembly available separately.

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