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STEELWORX – Steel Frame Structures

Our Steelworx steel-frame shelters and structures are custom crafted from durable, high gauge steel. The beauty and creativity behind every one of our Steelworx shelters comes from the years of experience held by our ASTM-certified welders, structural fabrication specialists and skilled design engineers. A few of the virtually unlimited options for Steelworx shelters include handrails, overhead lattice round or custom designed support columns, Pine or Cedar Tongue and Groove overhead decking and cupolas. Corrugated and standing seam metal roofing available on all structures. Standard shapes available include Squares, Hexagonal, Octagonal, and Rectangular Open Gable or Hipped ends. Custom shapes, combinations of shapes, rounded or curved tops are always welcome and are an exciting way to add class and style to any landscape setting imaginable. Consider a Coverworx “Vented Top” option to your Steelworx structure. It’s a functional way to address style or venting needs. The versatility of Coverworx structure design is only limited to your imagination!

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Steelworx Gables are available in many different styles.  A gable canopy is the most economical way to provide shelter.

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Steelworx Crossing Shelters can be arranged in a cariety of ways to transform a basic gable or hip shelter into a dynamic centerpiece for you site.


Steelworx Dodecagons are most commonly used to cover large areas, and with 12 sides they give the impression of being almost round.

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Steelworx Hips provide a little more shelter than a gable canopy while using a similar column layout and roof area. These canopies are great when a more finished look is needed.

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Steelworx Hexagons provide the same elegance and timelessness of an octagon canopy with the benefit of having two less columns.


Steelworx Squares feature the look of a hip canopy with the added appeal of having four equal sides and a single peak. Larger square canopies will require additional columns around the perimeter.

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Steelworx Octagons provide a very decorative and elegant looking canopy. They have a timeless appeal that works well with any site.

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Steelworx Cantilevered & Monoslope shelters are ideal for sites without the extra space for a lot of columns. These canopies work great as dugout and bleacher shelters.


Entrance Frames offer a focal point to a park’s entrance. Using the latest technology in computer controlled machinery, park names, custom logos or decorative lattice can be cut from solid steel and added to enhance an entrance frame.

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Coverworx AWS certified welders and craftsmen carefully handcraft tubular steel framework to the highest industry quality standards utilizing a free-span design without the need for exposed fasteners, open truss members and no possibility for bird nesting. All shelters come ready to assemble with no cutting, welding, or painting required.

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Our Carport Division (Classic Carports) has been manufacturing and installing covered parking solutions for multi-family housing and municipal fleets for over 40 years. We offer numerous styles that offer maximum protection from the elements as well as increase property values, occupancy and revenue.


Tubular Steel framed Squares, Hexagons, Octagonals, Performance Activity Shelters & more of all shapes & sizes available to download.

WOODWORX – Glue Laminated Canopies

From standard gable shelters to custom centerpieces, all Wordworx shelters come standard with 2″ x 6″ Southern yellow pine tongue & groove decking with metal or shingle roofing, glue laminated framing, pressure treated columns and powder coated steel connecting plates. Columns and rafters can be upgraded to powder coated tubular steel as seen below. Various  roof and column options are available. Vented Top design available on may Woodworx models.


Tubular Steel framed Squares, Wave Beam Gables, Straight Gables, Arch Beam Gables and more all available to download.

Only Available in Canada through Henderson Recreation.

Henderson Recreation is proud to offer Coverworx Shelters all across Canada however we can not offer Coverworx Shelters to US customers. Please contact Coverworx directly.

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