Looking for a playground that’s a perfect fit for a tight space and tight budget? Look no further than PlaySteel Fit. Your dollar with go further with smart, cost-saving designs that don’t sacrifice any play value. PlaySteel Fit features almost all of the same great components as our larger products with smaller decks and posts to keep costs lower. PlaySteel Fit is everything you need in a playground at a price you desire.

PlaySteel FIT Playground Designs

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PlaySteel Fit for Ages 5-12

Playgrounds designed for ages 5 to 12 years old. Perfect for parks, schools and housing communities.

PlaySteel FIT Ages 2-5

Playgrounds designed for children ages 2 to 5 years old. Perfect for pre-school, day cares, church groups or any play space used for younger children.

Quality Built In

Henderson is an ISO 9001 registered and a CWB certified welding facility. Quality control is built into every product we manufacture. As a lean manufacturer we don’t start making your product until it’s ordered. We don’t stock product which saves in waste and that translates into better prices for you.

Designed by Experts

Our sales staff and representatives are trained to help you find the best play environment to suit your needs. Need a playground to fit a particular site? Want to customize your playground? Want to add your logo to a panel? Just talk to our representatives to get the ball rolling.


1 304 alloy stainless steel tamper-resistant TORX® head bolts provide superior vandal resistance
2 Microspheres® thread-coating keeps bolts tight
3 Bolt-N-Go uprights arrive pre-threaded and ready to receive components
4 PlaySteel FIT uprights are 3.5” O.D. x 13 gauge galvanized steel for superior strength and durability
5 Durable cast-aluminum post caps

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Ready to Rock Your Kid’s Fitness Program

Henderson’s Obstalce Course challenges are here

Nothing gets the heart pumping like a  race through a challenging and fun obstacle course. Kids can challenge each other through a series of diffucult, musle building, cardio enhancing and physically tough obstalce course. They can also practice the obstacle events independently as they prepare for the next race against their friends.

Fight Childhood Obesity with structured competitive events.

Great for schools that want to enhance they physical eduction program outdoors. No aspect of physical fitness has been left out on the largest course.

PlaySteel MAX

Maxium FUN, Maxium Play Value

Need a Representative to Help You?

Our professional Playground Reps and Park Amenity Experts are ready to help you.