PlayTots is a great mix of durability and value, and is perfect for today’s smaller facilities. Its components are developmentally appropriate, and are sized just right for the smaller height, reach, and step of preschoolers. Playtots attractive designs are inviting to children as well as caregivers, and encourage learning.

PlaySteel MAX Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

New Redesigned Components

PlayTots has been scaled to Tot size proportions make it even better for the little ones to play and have fun. Non-skid ramp-like climbers help children climb or crawl onto the decks.

PlaySteel FIT Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Curvy Panels & Textured Decks

These curvy entrance panels are more eye catching than our previous straight linear panels. We even added more hand grip locations to accommodate children with different reaches and heights.

Decks are textured for added grip giving children a better footing.

Fun Panels

Depending on model, panels can feature mirrors, peek-a-boo spots, and magnifying glasses to help children learn about things they discover around the playground like bugs and rocks.

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Ready to Rock Your Kid’s Fitness Program

Henderson’s Obstalce Course challenges are here

Nothing gets the heart pumping like a  race through a challenging and fun obstacle course. Kids can challenge each other through a series of diffucult, musle building, cardio enhancing and physically tough obstalce course. They can also practice the obstacle events independently as they prepare for the next race against their friends.

Fight Childhood Obesity with structured competitive events.

Great for schools that want to enhance they physical eduction program outdoors. No aspect of physical fitness has been left out on the largest course.


Berliner Seilfabrik

The World’s Best Rope Play

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