PlaySteel MAX and FIT Components

Tons of play events and components choose from to meet the needs and abilities of children ages 2-5 and 5-12 years.

A challenging way to weave inside and outside this climber between to posts or to navigate between decks.

For kids with an interest in outdoor fishing. The Bait and Tackle Shop Panel provides children the opportunity to discuss the latest equipment or their best fish stories.

A unique cluster of circles, curves, angles and horizontal climbing elements design to provide a fun and challenging climb.

A donkey barn theme panel to go with barn roof theme.

Pound out a beat with this electronic sensor panel that can make multiple drums sounds.

Orbit the large Earth Climber as you try to make your way to the top or descend to the bottom.

Help children learn to identify the different sounds farm animals make with this electronic touch sensor panel and corresponding graphics.

The Hemisphere Climber directly bolts to the support posts. The hemispherical shape combined with the vertical, horizontal and circular rings provides a fun way for children to climb on, around and through this climber.

Pretending is fun and what’s better than pretending to sell some of kids favorite foods. Make fake paper money and hot-dogs to enhance the play experience.

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A family run playground company since 1971.

A family run playground company since 1971.


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