PlaySteel MAX and FIT Components

Tons of play events and components choose from to meet the needs and abilities of children ages 2-5 and 5-12 years.

A two sided climbing net that can be accessed from the deck or the ground. Children can climb the net or traverse across it between the decks.

A child-sized doorway. For ground level use. Double-sided.

A castle-inspired add-on. Great alone or in multiples around a deck. For use at roof height.

A castle-inspired barrier panel. Double-sided.

A castle-inspired barrier panel. Details are engraved, not cut through. Double-sided.

Connects two decks at same height with a narrow bridge crossing.

A roto-molded plastic climber with a unique shape kids love. Includes numerous cutouts for ample climbing options.

Friendly clock features two moving hands. Great for learning to tell time or playing school.

This steel climber with deep rungs and side rails helps boost climbing confidence. Deck Heights:

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