PlaySteel MAX and FIT Components

Tons of play events and components choose from to meet the needs and abilities of children ages 2-5 and 5-12 years.

Make the best desserts every and sell them at a premium or give them away free to friends. The Ice Cream Shop Panel is a fun way to learn and pretend.

Nine cute monsters children can try to draw or trace. Back of the panel has numbers 1 to 10 in alphanumeric.

Every kid loves some kind of animal. Get together to talk about their dogs, birds or pet fish.

Play a tune and learn music on this interactive musical touch sensitive Piano panel. Touching the stainless metal pads produces a musical note. Battery operated. Easy to maintain.

A colors and shapes reaction game that it is easy to follow, easy to play and great fun. At ground level this panel can be made wheelchair accessible.

A sheep barn theme panel to go with barn roof theme.

It’s a hot day out and nothing is better than a child’s favorite dessert, ice cream. Ice cream may not be available at the time but kids can pretend to beat the heat.

The Spiral Ladder Climber connects to a 5ft (1.52m) deck height. Two different decks to access as children spiral their way up the climber.

An arched steel climber with non-skid plastic steps. A gentle beginners’ climber with a hand rail built in for extra support.

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A family run playground company since 1971.

A family run playground company since 1971.


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