PlaySteel MAX and FIT Components

Tons of play events and components choose from to meet the needs and abilities of children ages 2-5 and 5-12 years.

Window panel with woodgrain look for those nature inspired playground designs.

Children practice spelling three-letter words with independently-spinning alphabet discs. Double-sided. Wheelchair-accessible at ground.

With so many options for use, it’s no wonder children love this flexible cable climbing cylinder. Features three connection nodes for the attachment of arches and play components. Maintains open sight lines for ease of supervision.

A classic game, on or off the playground. Accessible from front and back.

A large, multi-user activity. Rings are suspended from crossing beams, making it a challenging overhead trek.

Children can make their own music at play. Wheelchair accessible at ground level.

A finger maze with three moving parts. Double-sided with “Zany Maze” on reverse.

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A family run playground company since 1971.

A family run playground company since 1971.


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