Orbis Overheads

A small but challenging trapeze style overhead.

A curved overhead activity with the added challenge of swinging, triangular rungs.

Round loops are creatively placed on this beam, giving it a playful look and a challenging overhead play experience.

The round loops on this straight overhead give children a perfect practice space for developing skills.

Children gain confidence as they traverse this compact curved beam of fixed triangular rungs.

A smaller version of the Triangulates

This extra-large overhead play circuit gives children ample opportunity to practice the skill of brachiation with the added challenge of swinging, triangular grips. Features three connection nodes for design versatility.

Eye-catching oversized rings keep children challenged as they explore overhead play. Loops are fixed in place on a mid-sized circular overhead beam. Available with three or four connection nodes.

This swinging trapeze overhead provides a fun challenge greater than the traditional overhead ladders.

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