For kids with an interest in outdoor fishing. The Bait and Tackle Shop Panel provides children the opportunity to discuss the latest equipment or their best fish stories.

A donkey barn theme panel to go with barn roof theme.

Pound out a beat with this electronic sensor panel that can make multiple drums sounds.

Pretending is fun and what’s better than pretending to sell some of kids favorite foods. Make fake paper money and hot-dogs to enhance the play experience.

Make the best desserts every and sell them at a premium or give them away free to friends. The Ice Cream Shop Panel is a fun way to learn and pretend.

Nine cute monsters children can try to draw or trace. Back of the panel has numbers 1 to 10 in alphanumeric.

Every kid loves some kind of animal. Get together to talk about their dogs, birds or pet fish.

Play a tune and learn music on this interactive musical touch sensitive Piano panel. Touching the stainless metal pads produces a musical note. Battery operated. Easy to maintain.

A colors and shapes reaction game that it is easy to follow, easy to play and great fun. At ground level this panel can be made wheelchair accessible.

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A family run playground company since 1971.


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